Iona Smith Scott – Fashion Design

“Artistically I have a fascination for plastic and the manufacture of the everyday readymade. Contextually I am interested in outsider art and the purity of its negation. Creatively in the repressive boundaries of sculpture. And within pattern cutting I see the intersection of these evoke a complex and intricate form.”

This artist come fashion designer provokes the boundaries between her two disciplines by creating wearable structural concept pieces.

She studied her under graduate degree in Sculpture at Sheffield Hallam University. And a Post Graduate degree in the design of Lingerie, Corsetry and Swimwear at Barcelona Art School, BAU.

 Iona Smith Scott is currently involved in a community project with the Cor Trading Group; a collective with a store front & event space based in Gotico.

Her first online collection .Sufrace. can be found on Etsy,
– chokers, body harnesses and neoprene bags.

The handmade custom cotton crochet bikinis are under going some re-branding but for a sneak peak check out

Or for a more casual creative encounter



Iona Scott – Fashion design



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